Tammy Wong Hulbert is a visual artist and curator focused on exploring the complex and often fragmented spaces between cultures in a globalising world. She expresses these ideas through her artistic and curatorial projects which focus on socially engaged practices working with various urban communities. 
Her broader area of research focuses on curating the inclusive city and how this can contribute towards dialogues on the right to the city, expanding from her doctoral research on The City as a Curated Space (2011). Tammy's career has spanned working as an artist, curating, lecturing and researching in the field of contemporary art. Tammy lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and currently lectures at RMIT University in Curating Contemporary Art in the Masters of Arts (Arts Management) program for the School of Art. 

Belonging and the Transient Home
A collaborative public art project with Vicseg
April 2016

Belonging and the Transient Home
 (pictured above) is a project building on my interest in how art can play a role in encouraging inclusive cities and communities. The project emerged from my earlier work in Glenroy, Victoria on the Artists Incubator project. Building on an existing relationship with the Vicseg Asylum Seekers Social Health Group, this project was specifically developed with the Iranian family playgroup, based in the northern suburb of Broadmeadow, Melbourne. The project explores ways in which an art based project, can be developed with newly arrived migrant communities, with the aim of encouraging participation in creativity, through a public outcome. This project explores the overarching theme of belonging in a new urban society, explored through the sharing of culture, themes of mobility, which encourage a rethinking of our relationship with the ever increasingly complex idea of home. Pictured above are Transient Homes, which formed a part of our event at the Broadmeadows Street Festival event in April, 2016. Objects created by the group, were shared with the audience and these homes were raced by the local community, as a way of creating a participatory event where the social health group and the local community could engage and interact. The project recently appeared in the local, Hong Kong and Chinese media. For further information visit the page.


Sojourners in the Australian Bush

Current Project
July 2017

Currently I am developing a socially engaged public art project with the St Andrews community of Melbourne with Nillumbik council as part of their 'Green Wedge' Public Art Incubator. This time, the project looks back in time, investigating the unknown history of anonymous Chinese miners from the 1850s. The project focuses on how contemporary art can reimagine and reconnect with a forgotten migrant community history. The project is to be developed in collaboration with the St Andrews Men's Shed community. Further details to come as the project progresses over the next few months.